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With Boomlog; publish, manage your content on the internet without hassle

Boomlog; content management webware Publish, manage your content on the internet without hassle. Built-in social networking system. Internal messaging system. Location services. Web/App notification service. More info... TAGSboomlogboomlog motion graphic46801 Viewed
Boomlog; Content management webwareBoomlog; Content management webwareBoomlog is a Webware that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, processing, and publishing any content in any digital type.
What is Boomlog!What is Boomlog!Boomlog© is a content management Webware! In our vocabulary, Webware is a multi-tool that you need it on the online side of your business. Boomlog© core written in c# Boomlog© core is an independent web application—great code, clean code, simple system, pure js, ..., and super expandable, and it is an almost ready web solution for most of the business.