What is Boomlog!

What is Boomlog!
Boomlog© is a content management Webware! In our vocabulary, Webware is a multi-tool that you need it on the online side of your business. Boomlog© core written in c# asp.net. Boomlog© core is an independent web application—great code, clean code, simple system, pure js, ..., and super expandable, and it is an almost ready web solution for most of the business. Boomlog© is also a content management system (CMS). Boomlog© is a Webware that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, processing, and publishing any content in any digital type. Boomlog© allows you to create, upload, manage, ..., analyze, and post your content on the internet or your close network on demand. Boomlog© is a cross-platform application. Boomlog© is ready to be accessible on any platform (Web, iOS, Android, smart devices) upon your request/license. Boomlog© allows you to have full control over the users (Access Level/Type), posts, categories, files, documents, banners, API-API as well as the design and display of the content. You don’t have to know a single line of code to publish content using Boomlog. Another beauty of Boomlog is it has a built-in social networking system, an internal messaging system, location service, Web/App notification service, advanced BOT services(Eg: Telegram BOT). These features make Boomlog© different. Boomlog© core can help the online side of your business to achieve more success in case of time and cost are the priority. Boomlog© sellers partner offer a free consultation to clients that plan to build or renovation an online business. Boomlog© written in ASP.NET C# paired with MSSQL database. Although Boomlog© is very flexible to your requirements, it is fully customizable and mobile-ready. Contact us for free consultation! boomlog.comCategoriesBlogTAGSboomlogcontent management systemwebwarecmscustomizablemobileready679 Viewed
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Boomlog; Content management webwareBoomlog is a Webware that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, processing, and publishing any content in any digital type.
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