Boomlog human interface guidelines

  • Boomlog human interface guidelines
  • Boomlog human interface guidelines
In this article, you will become familiar with default naming, types, sizes, ..., of Boomlog human interface. Note: All image sizes over 240px, the logo design should have text or text type. App icon Folder: /content/app/ logo.png 240x240 logo.jpg 480x480 logob.png 240x240 Black version of logo logow.png 240x240 White version of logo minilogo.png 120x120 minilogob.png 120x120 minilogow.png 120x120 pageimage.jpg 640x640 Main website image used by third-party website. for example: sharing social.logo.png 1920x1920 social.logo.jpg 1920x1920 favicon.ico 32x32 favicon.png 32x32 favicon.gif 32x32 watermark.png 128x128 (up to 75% opacity) Folder: /content/app/icon/ 36.png 36x36 48.png 48x48 72.png 72x72 96.png 96x96 144.png 144x144 192.png 192x192 1024.png 1024x1024 boomlog.comCategoriesBlogTAGSboomlogapp imagesboomlog human interface guidelines670 Viewed
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