Beautiful Wormy Maple Serving Board

A perfect gift idea

I ignored to take video for Wood preparation step. White Oak for sides. for finishing: linseed oil then (3) Minwax wipe on poly gloss Also It can use as a computer monitor stand. What is Wormy Maple? Ambrosia Maple or Wormy Maple is regular maple trees that have been infested by the ambrosia beetle. Actually there is no worms there! The small beetle makes a network of tunnels and short galleries called cradles and a fungus is responsible for the black and gray streaks that accompany each tunnel and adjacent wood. Thanks for watching my video. Please leave me a comment. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for watching upcoming videos. 🙂 TAGSwoodworkingwoodworkarthowwhatdiymodernfilmloveBBC_HaveYourSayridgidpowertoolsminwaxbirthdaygiftmothersdaywoodenservingboardlivewhiteoakmaplefathersidea24127 Viewed